VK Masks are 100% hand made in USA

VK Masks are 100% hand made in USA

Breath clean air through VK Mask's exclusive salt filter

It is effective at preventing viruses, bacteria, yellow sandy dust, dust particles, allergens, and air pollution

The power of Fermented Salt!

The fermented-salts dissolve into them and the droplets evaporate. The dissolved salts kill viruses and bacteria.

The miracle behind VK Mask is SALT

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VK Mask is FDA registered

VK Mask Inc. is registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration(FDA) for FY 2020 pursuant to Title 21 CFR 807 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations. VK Mask Inc. is registered for use in medical facility under FDA registration no. 10067096.

Filters coated with fermented sea salt

VK Mask uses melt-blown filters coated with fermented sea salt.  This fermented sea salt is harvested in the organic environment of the sun and the wind of Baja California.

Science on Anti-Viral and Anti-Bacteria Filters

Melt Blown Salt Coated filters within VK Masks kill viruses and bacteria on contact and remain functional for up to 3 weeks.

VK Mask is Patented

VK Mask on guard! The patented virus filters are treated with fermented sea salt from Baja California to maximize security against inhaling bacteria, viruses, dusts and other pollutants. US Patent Serial Number 62984763


It's Science!

While conventional masks may trap and spread pathogens in moisture droplets from breathing and coughing, VK Masks deactivate pathogens on contact. Upon receipt of viral droplets on the mask, the fermented salt crystals begin to activate and grow in the affected area killing any germs in their path. This replicating salt phenomenon eventually spreads around the entire mask to secure wearers from being exposed to pathogens. The sanitizing character of VK Masks will continue for up to 3 weeks.


VK Masks offering you freedom from pathogens

Be free from viruses, bacteria, allergen particles, micro dust, and other various air pollution.

Virus Protection

Protecting you from viruses, bacteria and other pathogens

How to Wash a VK Mask

VK Masks can be hand washed to maintain cleanliness from food and make up stains.  Hand wash in cold water for 2 minutes and dry in sun light for best results.

Protecting you from yellow micro dust

VK Masks block out yellow dusts and micro dusts that are commonly found in air.

Particle Allergens

VK Masks protect you from particle allergens that cause asthma.

Air Pollution

VK Masks protect you from air pollution of car emissions and particles from factories.

Airborne Contaminants

Protecting you from airborne contaminants from coughing and sneezing.

Making of VK Mask

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Passionate about delivering quality and value into hygienic masks. We measure success one customer satisfaction at a time.

VK Masks rotect you from viruses, bacteria, airborne contaminants, air pollution, yellow sandy dust, particle allergens, and particle dust.

The salt-coated filters built into VK Masks last up to 3 weeks.

The filters in VK Masks are coated with fermented salt. Cotton and microfibers are used as inner and outer layers of the mask.

The salt used in the filters are certified orthodox Kosher compliant.  The salt is edible without any additives. It does not contain iodine.

VK Masks can be hand washed to maintain cleanliness from food and make up stains. Hand wash in cold water for 2 minutes and dry in sun light for best results.

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We help our customers to protect respiratory organs by improving our products to play as air-purifying respirators.

English Flyer for VK Mask

English Flyer for VK Mask is released...  

Patent Applied for VK Mask

Patent applied for VK Mask. United States Patent Serial Number: 62984763  

Strong Benefits of VK Mask

1.VK Mask has two-ply being made up from a melt-blown filter that is specially coated with pure sea salt being[...]

Our Storytelling on VK Mask

VK Mask has been researching salts for human health. We started salt business knowing that the function of natural salts[...]

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