Strong Benefits of VK Mask

Strong Benefits of VK Mask
2월 27, 2020

1.VK Mask has two-ply being made up from a melt-blown filter that is specially coated with pure sea salt being fermented naturally in very preserved beaches under the sea wind sunshine for 5 years.

  1. The sea salt contains a lot of minerals including essential minerals in the context of respiratory health.
  1. No conventional mask may be capable of killing viruses because once it contaminated, viruses can live actively on the surface of the contaminated filter for several days. But the salt-coated filter functions to kill any virus. Furthermore, the growing salt crystals can protect the function of the filter despite of using the mask multiple days.
  1. The mechanism is as follows: The sea salt begins to be dissolved and water starts to be evaporated when the surface of the filter is filtrated by water droplets mixed with viruses. Then the salt crystals start to grow and the growing salt crystals begin to kill viruses.
  1. Conventional masks may trap viruses in active under growing water droplets at breathing, and the viruses may spread out via forming aerosol droplets from respiratory activities such as talking and coughing. However, the salt-seated pad can destroy viruses and its functions can last up to 3 weeks.
  1. It is effective at preventing yellow sandy dust, micro dust particles, common particle allergens, and air pollution.
  1. The salt on the filter is certified for orthodox Kosher-compliance and coarse edible salt without any common additives such as iodine.
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