Our Storytelling on VK Mask

Our Storytelling on VK Mask
February 27, 2020

VK Mask has been researching salts for human health. We started salt business knowing that the function of natural salts to kill viruses and bacteria. Finally, the company developed mask with pads coated with sea salts naturally fermented for 5 years, which can protect from viruses, bacteria, and airborne pathogens for human health and well-being.

Environmental issues over the world that threaten our health…

We are concerned about the deterioration of health that is caused by micro dust, environmental pollution and particle pollution. But staying in wellness and health is an essential element of freedom.

What would be the background about VK Mask?

VK Mask comes out of a world that hurts individual travel freedom owing to epidemic viruses and airborne contaminants.  We may be able to get free of them.  In other words, it expresses the desire to be free of viruses, bacteria, airborne pathogens, particle allergens, yellow sandy dust and micro dust.

We want to be your companion that protects our freedom and well-being through masks from everyday viruses, pollution and allergies…

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