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FAQ about VK Mask

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VK Mask is used to protect you from viruses, bacteria, airborne contaminants, air pollution, yellow sandy dust, particle allergens, and particle dust.

The salt-coated pad can be anti-viral and its functions can last up to 3 weeks.

The filter in VKM is coated by fermented salts. Cotton or microfiber is used inner and outer layer.

Hand wash is required by rinsing inner and outer layer with water.

Virus Protection

Preventing from Coronavirus, flu, and bacteria…

Airborne Pathogens

Inhale clean air through VK Mask that prevents from Coronavirus, Flu, bacteria, airborne contaminants, allergens and air pollution.

Yellow Sandy Dust

Blocking out all the yellow sandy dust and micro particle dust in life.

Particle Allergens

Preventing from particle allergens are related to asthma…

Air Pollution

Preventing from air pollution is a mixture of car emissions, particles from factories…

Airborne Contaminants

Preventing from particles airborne contaminants being expelled into air by coughing and sneezing…

VK Mask Process

Passionate about delivering the value of life with VK Mask.

Fabric Procurement